To Burn a Bridge

We came upon a bridge one day, and stood there side by side,

an adventure beckoned to us both, your trepidation you did confide;

Willing to risk a bump or two, I took a step and crossed,

Then found myself on the other side alone, and saw you lost;

Shaking your head in fierce conviction, fear shone in your eyes,

My hand I extended, you stepped back, and then to my surprise;

You lit a match and tossed it forth, lighting the path afire,

As the flames rose up, I watched it burn, ashes and smoke rising higher;

‘Til after a time, nothing remained but an evergrowing chasm,

Your face was hard, your spine so rigid – my heart, in sorrow, did spasm;

A smile of knowing crossed my face, and I lifted a hand in farewell,

with heavy heart, but clear of mind, I left you to your hell;

A bridge – like any other structure in life – rebuilt it can be,

And when the time is right for us, perhaps then you will see;

Appreciating I am unique, and truly one of a kind,

then honor, love and respect in your own heart you will find;

Until then, without you I walk alone into this new phase of my life,

I sincerely hope that one day soon you’ll see you can end your strife.

 (c)Kellie Kamryn, November 2013

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3 thoughts on “To Burn a Bridge

  1. I think there are a lot of people who can relate to this.Sometimes we just have to leave people behind.Often it is there desire to be left behind.I wonder if sometimes they look at people in the distance and wish they had continued onward….

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