Slaying Demons

At night in the dark with nary a sound

I crouch in the corner as the demons come ‘round

Curl into a ball, trying to drown out the taunts

Insidious and mean, when I’m vulnerable, they haunt


Beating me down, and making me cower

Suddenly, I feel I’ve lost all my power

The words that come floating in my brain

Forcing me to re-live long-buried pain


Tears fall, body shudders, I shatter

If I give up now, would it really matter?

I plead with my ghosts to leave me alone

They laugh, move in closer; I just want them gone

Dully, it shimmers, not fully bright

From out of nowhere, appears a dim light

I look up and the spark gives me hope

But still – can I really continue to cope?


Yet the glimmer of hope sets me aflame

My soul re-awakens, refusing to feel shame

“You’re stronger than this,” it shouts out to me

I wipe away the tears and breathe in deeply


Slowly, I stand, gathering my strength

I square off with my demons, and after some length

Chuckling, back to the shadows they retreat

Sharpening their claws, so I know they’re not beat


For the first time, I know hope is on my side

Next time they come, I’ll have no need to hide

And even though I know they’ll show up again

They’ll be weaker and perhaps I’ll banish them then.

 ~Kellie Kamryn 


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