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As spring leaps into full bloom, Kayla and Kaleb welcome the change in season as they celebrate their Love by exploring a more sensual side to their connection, while continuing to balance their Light Warrior training and daily lives.

But when the dead bodies of homeless men are found in the nearby town, the lovers worry they’ve been too caught up in each other to notice Shadow’s growing strength. Determined to investigate the cause of the murders, they seek to uncover Shadow’s plan. What they discover is that for every action, there is indeed an equal and opposite reaction, and their Love has had an impact-one which Shadow seeks to end.



Peggy’s voice drifted up from the basement. A faint glow of light illuminated a path down the steps. “What are you two doing up there? I’m waiting.”

Kayla tugged on his arm. “Come on—let’s go down and see what she’s got for us. We haven’t trained for nothing.”

“Fine, but stay behind me.”

“I thought we came to an understanding you weren’t the boss.”

“And I thought you said we were going to find the exit.”

Kayla huffed at his gruff tone. “Marabel and Dawn wouldn’t have suggested we visit Peggy if they thought we were in danger. You already came to that conclusion in your head.” She started down the steps before him. “So, come on.”

Heaving a sigh, he followed her down, but in an instant, the light they walked toward appeared to swallow her whole. He swiped a hand out in front of him, only catching air. “Kayla,” he whispered.

“Kaleb.” Kayla’s worried voice warbled up to him. It sounded like her, but at the same time, it didn’t.

Taking the steps two at a time, he bounded to the bottom where a party scene in full swing greeted him. The sound of the music hit him like a ton of bricks. Shaking off the surprise, he searched for Kayla who stood in conversation with a tall, blonde man. They appeared to be flirting, and the man reached out a hand to stroke her arm. Even as Kayla stepped away from the caress, Kaleb’s protective instincts rose up again in full force.

As he made his way over, strong arms grabbed hold of him from behind. A voice hissed in his ear. “She doesn’t need you, oh mighty warrior. Let’s see how she fares on her own.”

Kaleb struggled against his invisible and impossibly strong captor. He witnessed Kayla push at a young, brown haired man who tried to pull her into his arms for a dance.

Forced to continue to watch, he observed the scene morph into a paranormal fight club with Kayla in a make-shift ring, surrounded by demons. He yelled out to her, but she appeared not to hear him above the din. With renewed vigor, he struggled against his captor, determined to help, only to be forced to his knees.

“Now watch…” The voice from beside him faded off into nothing.

Unable to move any part of his body, he knelt, frozen in place, helpless to assist his best friend in battle as she fought multiple opponents. Every time she took a hit, he felt the blow too. Frustration welled up inside at his inability to help her.

“What the hell is going on?” he muttered. The harder he struggled, the tighter his invisible bonds became. Angry that he’d been duped by Peggy a second time, he recited every incantation he knew to help rid him of the energetic bonds. Nothing worked.

Damn it.

Inhaling and exhaling deep breaths, he closed his eyes for a moment, connecting to his inner self. Physically, he couldn’t help Kayla, so what could he do? How could he support her?

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