Under the Covers


I slide under the covers at night

snuggle into the pillow, close my eyes and


are there behind me

body pressed to mine

one hand sweeps over the curve of my hip

dips into the valley of my waist

skims up the slope of my ribcage

and stops at

the swell of my breasts

one thumb strokes my nipple…

The hair on your chest

an erotic contrast to the soft skin of my back

your breath hot on my neck


I shiver and sigh

sinking deeper into your embrace and sleep

Kellie Kamryn, Copyright 2014



Old patterns and emotions shatter

scattered pieces

reflect back fragments of self

no order



darkness envelopes…

Dawn’s rays bounce off the glass

a new puzzle emerges


I sift through the wreckage

creating new structure

a masterpiece in the making

One Breath



dances in the sunbeam

tiny worlds that are part of this one

and yet their own

traveling through space on their own path

swirling in an endless stream

through the light


one breath

their course is altered

chaos, mayhem, confusion until

two collide

creating a new world together

continuing on in their journey

through the light

Kellie Kamryn, Copyright 2013




cuffed, blind-folded

holding position

body in heightened awareness

The weight of the chain

tugging her nipples

pain streaks downward

pleasure spikes








added stimulation


Another tug

pain enhanced euphoria

exploding bliss

body shudders in

ultimate climax

Fingertips ghost down her spine


she shivers,

hears his whispered words,

“Good girl…”


head tilts to nuzzle him


she is alone


waiting for the one

to bestow her gift of submission

(C) Kellie Kamryn, 2013 (Part of the “To Love Me” collection)

Slaying Demons

At night in the dark with nary a sound

I crouch in the corner as the demons come ‘round

Curl into a ball, trying to drown out the taunts

Insidious and mean, when I’m vulnerable, they haunt


Beating me down, and making me cower

Suddenly, I feel I’ve lost all my power

The words that come floating in my brain

Forcing me to re-live long-buried pain


Tears fall, body shudders, I shatter

If I give up now, would it really matter?

I plead with my ghosts to leave me alone

They laugh, move in closer; I just want them gone

Dully, it shimmers, not fully bright

From out of nowhere, appears a dim light

I look up and the spark gives me hope

But still – can I really continue to cope?


Yet the glimmer of hope sets me aflame

My soul re-awakens, refusing to feel shame

“You’re stronger than this,” it shouts out to me

I wipe away the tears and breathe in deeply


Slowly, I stand, gathering my strength

I square off with my demons, and after some length

Chuckling, back to the shadows they retreat

Sharpening their claws, so I know they’re not beat


For the first time, I know hope is on my side

Next time they come, I’ll have no need to hide

And even though I know they’ll show up again

They’ll be weaker and perhaps I’ll banish them then.

 ~Kellie Kamryn 


To Burn a Bridge

We came upon a bridge one day, and stood there side by side,

an adventure beckoned to us both, your trepidation you did confide;

Willing to risk a bump or two, I took a step and crossed,

Then found myself on the other side alone, and saw you lost;

Shaking your head in fierce conviction, fear shone in your eyes,

My hand I extended, you stepped back, and then to my surprise;

You lit a match and tossed it forth, lighting the path afire,

As the flames rose up, I watched it burn, ashes and smoke rising higher;

‘Til after a time, nothing remained but an evergrowing chasm,

Your face was hard, your spine so rigid – my heart, in sorrow, did spasm;

A smile of knowing crossed my face, and I lifted a hand in farewell,

with heavy heart, but clear of mind, I left you to your hell;

A bridge – like any other structure in life – rebuilt it can be,

And when the time is right for us, perhaps then you will see;

Appreciating I am unique, and truly one of a kind,

then honor, love and respect in your own heart you will find;

Until then, without you I walk alone into this new phase of my life,

I sincerely hope that one day soon you’ll see you can end your strife.

 (c)Kellie Kamryn, November 2013